REVELATION 13 – The Two Beasts from the Sea and the Land

Excerpt from “DIGGING DEEP INTO THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST” (pgs. 114/115) a Study Guide by Michael Copple

The First Beast is the Antichrist  / 
The Second Beast is the False Prophet

Chapter 13 introduces us to how Satan (the dragon) blasphemously sets up his own false “trinity”. Satan acts as the Father, the Antichrist as the Son, and the False Prophet as the Spirit who attempts to bring glory to the Antichrist.
Satan appoints two great beasts (men): the first beast rising up out of the sea—the Antichrist and his empire—and the second beast out of the earth or land—the False Prophet—possibly a Jew. The land could be the literal earth, or, possibly, the land of Israel.
*These beasts symbolize men who will play prominent roles during the Tribulation Period. They combine the features of the four beasts of Daniel 7:3*-9

Scripture of Daniel 7:3-9
3“And the four great beasts came up from the sea, each different from the other. 4The first [Babylon] was like a lion, and had eagle’s wings. I watched till its wings were plucked off; and it was lifted up from the earth and made to stand on two feet like a man, and a man’s heart was given to it [Daniel 4:16, 34: Nebuchadnezzar’s restoration]. 5And suddenly another beast, a second [Medo-Persia], like a bear. It was raised up on one side, and had three ribs [N Lydia, E Babylon, S Egypt] in its mouth between its teeth. And they said thus to it: ‘Arise, devour much flesh!’ 6After this I looked, and there was another [Alexander of Greece], like a leopard, which had on its back four wings of a bird. The beast also had four heads [generals], and dominion was given to it. 7After this I saw in the night visions, and behold, a fourth beast [Roman Empire], dreadful and terrible, exceedingly strong. It had huge iron teeth; it was devouring, breaking in pieces, and trampling the residue with its feet. It was different from all the beasts that were before it, and it had ten horns [kings]. 8I was considering the horns, and there was another horn, a little one [the future Antichrist], coming up among them, before whom three of the first horns were plucked out by the roots. And there, in this horn, were eyes like the eyes of a man, and a mouth speaking pompous words. 9I watched till thrones were put in place, and the Ancient of Days was seated; His garment was white as snow, and the hair of His head was like pure wool. His throne was a fiery flame, its wheels a burning fire;”     (NKJV)

Commentary on Daniel 7:3-9
*The four great beasts represent the four world empires: Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Greek, and Roman.
The lion stands for Babylon.
The eagle’s wings suggest swiftness of conquest.
The wings… plucked may refer to Nebuchadnezzar’s insanity, and the rest of verse 4 to his recovery and his becoming a believer in God.
The bear pictures Medo-Persia.
The three ribs which it held in its mouth perhaps represent the three previous sections of the Babylonian Empire which were overtaken by the Medes and Persians under King Cyrus—Babylon in the east; Egypt in the south; and the Lydian kingdom in NW Asia Minor* (today’s western Turkey).
*The leopard symbolizes the Greek Empire with rapid expansion of Alexander the Great.
The four heads apparently are Alexander’s generals after his death.
The fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, exceedingly strong, with huge iron teeth, speaks of the Roman Empire which followed the Greek Empire.

In verse 8 a CONSIDERABLE SPACE OF TIME takes place (this is the Church Age of which we are in right now) before the Roman Empire may be revived. Still future, it will have ten horns, that is ten kings, and a little [obscure] horn: the future head of the Roman Empire—the Antichrist. In verse 9 Daniel pictures the fifth and final world empire—the glorious kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ*—the Ancient of Days (as described in Revelation 1:11-16). In Daniel 7:13 we will see Ancient of Days again, but perhaps it is best to think of Him being God the Father in that verse.

SUMMARY of Chapter 13
The antichrist and false prophet are introduced as the beasts from the sea and the land—and demand everyone to take the mark 666 to buy or sell.
(One world government – Revelation 13:1, 11, 17)

All Scripture quoted is taken from the New King James Version. Copyright © 1979, 1980, 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

*.. quoted text * taken from The Believer’s Bible Commentary by William MacDonald Copyright © 1989, 1990, 1992, 1995 by William MacDonald. Used by permission of Thomas Nelson.

Author: Mike and Elfriede

For the past 15 years Michael Copple has studiously devoted his life to the Lord by preaching the Gospel and moderating Bible studies. He is a 1958 Eagle Scout, holds a B.S. degree in electrical engineering, and achieved the highest US Air Force enlisted rank of Chief Master Sergeant with over 26 years service, one year of which was with Forward Air Control duties in Vietnam. For three years he was the senior enlisted member of the US Air Force Academy Wings of Blue Parachute Team; he has performed over 2,000 parachute jumps and accumulated over 15 hours of freefall. During his parachuting years Mike experienced a mishap of being a “hung jumper” outside the aircraft, and serious parachute malfunctions like a deadly seesaw night jump entanglement with another jumper, and an 85 mph wind shear which almost took his life. This experience inspired and qualified him to author the novel Calling from the Sky. A former world-wide electronic service engineer for 16 years with a semiconductor equipment manufacturer, he and his wife Elfriede currently live in the Canadian Rockies surrounded by 6 National Parks. Besides studying God's Word, they both like to exercise, cross country ski, hike, garden, and walk their dog Kansas. Visit him at

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