What is a Bible Church – in the Bible?

Today we are posting a Multiple Choice Test put together by a friend of ours –Randy Amos

Mega Style. 
The Bible is used but more with select phrases on a screen than all reading their Bible.  Biblical relationships with psychological counselling are emphasized.  A Bible phrase is used, not so much for its contextual meaning, but as a nuance proving the concept of a dynamic ‘pastor’.  Not a lot of the Bible warnings are stated for help, hope and happiness is the goal. The church’s methods come more from popular ‘likes’.

Denominational Style. 
The Bible is used, but its headquarters determine its doctrinal understanding.  If one agrees with the headquarters then the local church will mirror that teaching.  You know what you’re getting here.  It’s like a food franchise; its message and methods (recipe) are pretty much the same wherever, as it draws its menu from the tradition of headquarters.  Its chef (‘pastor’) must also be approved by headquarters. 

Independent Style. 
This style is independent from a main human authority for its doctrine.  So its ‘pastor’ has liberty to find his own style for worship and methods. The Bible is used to emphasize the gospel of the Lord Jesus that saves.  The deeper teachings of Scripture are not the first goal but more seeing people saved or restored – again.   

Reformed Style. 
The literal Bible is used for matters of salvation and godly living.  But Israel and future events are often spiritualized matching the Protestant reformer’s understanding 500 years ago.  So, depending on the trained ‘pastor’, the teaching can be deeper and thought provoking.  Its methods of order and worship are more formal.

Charisma Style. 
The Bible is used to tell about Jesus and highlight the Holy Spirit’s apostolic miracle power as normal.  So besides the Bible they have “a word of prophecy”.  Direction is given that doesn’t come directly from the completed Bible but from this further revelation of the “Spirit” that the prophet or ‘pastor’ says they got or dreamed. 

Messianic Style. 
The Bible is used but more from the OT Mosaic law (Torah).  Its Jewish religious tradition is taught as relevant for today (as much as is possible without the Jewish temple that the Lord Jesus prophesied would be removed – and was in 70AD).  Their ‘Rabbi’ uses the NT Bible not as much for congregational policies and doctrine but to mainly verify that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Jewish Messiah who matches the OT prophets.

New Testament Style. 
The gospel has graced all believing nationalities equal in Christ.  All believers are called brothers with no titles in front of their name. The only one with a title is the Lord Jesus Christ.  No human receives glory in the presence of the Lord – for He alone is the Spirit’s wisdom to be glorified.  Their reason for meeting is in remembrance of their Lord and Savior at the Lord’s Supper, and to edify the body by the liberty of a plurality of Spirit-gifted ones – in an orderly way with love.  Different roles for men and women (with the symbol of head covering) are upheld with the women silent in the church – for it is God’s holy temple where His Spirit is.  Its church authority and wisdom are the written commands from heaven’s Head (Lord Jesus) via Paul His apostle.  

Which prescription, do you think, fits a Bible teaching church according to God’s word?

Some things in A-F might have value but the Bible book of 1 Corinthians
instructs in “G”.