Who is the Beast?

We already mentioned the beast in last week’s post when we discussed the question “Who is the Antichrist”.  Is there more to the beast then mentioned last week?

We believe there is.

The word “beast/beasts” appears in the Bible over 300 times; the majority of which is mentioned in the Old Testament (KJV).

Strong’s Concordance on Beast

*Strong’s Concordance reference numbers for the beast in the Book of Revelation are #2226 (Revelation 4:7-6:7) and #2342 (Revelation 11:7-20:10).

*#2226 – Greek – “zōǒn means a live thing. All creatures that live on earth, including man are zoon”.
*#2342 – Greek – “thēriǒn Strong’s says: from the same as 2339; a dangerous animal:–beast {42x}, venomous beast {1x}, wild beast {3x}. Therion, (1) to be distinguished from zoon, almost invariably denotes “a wild beast.” …. Zoon (2226) means a living creature; whereas, therion means a beast. Zoon stresses the vital element, therion the bestial.”

In the New Testament (KJV) the beast is mentioned in Luke 10:34; Acts 28:4+5; Hebrews 12:20; and obviously in the Book of Revelation. Strong’s defines “beast” in Luke, Acts and Hebrews as follows:

Luke 10:34 – G2934 (from 2932; property, that is specifically) a domestic animal
Acts 28:4+5 – G2342 (same as G2339) a dangerous animal (venomous, wild) beast
Hebrews 12:20 – G2342 (same as G2339) a dangerous animal (venomous, wild) beast

Beast in Revelation

In Revelation 4:7-6:7 the “beast” is representing a “creature”. And in Revelation 4:7+8 they seem to be angels, maybe even the cherubim and seraphim. These four living creatures are again mentioned in Revelation 6:1-7.

The “beast” is representing either the “Antichrist” or the “false prophet” in Revelation 11:7-20:10.

Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary – Beasts

Here is an explanation from the **Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary:

“The book of Revelation speaks of two beasts. The first beast arises out of the sea (Revelation 13:1), is seven headed, and derives its authority from the dragon (Revelation 12:3; 13:4). This beast has several of the characteristics of the four beasts of Daniel 7. The second beast arises out of the earth (Revelation 13:11). It serves the first beast by seeking devotees for it and is referred to as the “false prophet” (Revelation 16:13; 19:20; 20:10). Both the beast and the false prophet persecute the church but are finally judged by Christ (Revelation 19:20; 2 Thessalonians 2:6-12).”

Digging Deep into The Revelation of Jesus Christ – A Study Guide

Let me quote the INTRODUCTION to Revelation chapter 13 from the study guide DIGGING DEEP into THE REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST” –Second Edition- pg 114:

“Chapter 13 introduces us to how Satan (the dragon) blasphemously sets up his own false “trinity”. Satan acts as the Father, the Antichrist as the Son, and the False Prophet as the Spirit who attempts to bring glory to the Antichrist. Satan appoints two great beasts (men): the first beast rising up out of the sea—the Antichrist and his empire—and the second beast out of the earth or land—the False Prophet—possibly a Jew. The land could be the literal earth, or, possibly, the land of Israel. *These beasts symbolize men who will play prominent roles during the Tribulation Period. They combine the features of the four beasts of Daniel 7:3*-9.”

What is your understanding of the “beast”?
Please leave us a comment. We would like to hear your opinion.

We will continue with the “Dragon” and “false Prophet” next week.

*The new Strong’s Expanded Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible Red-Letter Edition – Greek Dictionary of the New Testament pg 110 + pg 116

** Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary, pg 178

Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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