After reading the manuscript, Peter Kerr said:

“The material is counter-cultural and not politically correct, but the truth is so needed in these times!”

Solving the Spiritual Dilemma

Why is Discernment Key to Receiving Eternal Life?

by Christian Author Michael Copple.

The Separation from God and How to Fix It!

Solving the Spiritual Dilemma exposes topics like

  • False Teaching versus Sound Doctrine;
  • Indoctrination versus Education;
  • Climate Change (Man versus the power of God);
  • Abortion versus Life;
  • Transgender Orientation;
  • Gay Marriage;
  • Peer Pressures;

which have led to God separating man from Himself. This prompts one to ask the question: “Is it right in God’s view to listen to man more than to God?” Does it Take a Village? The reader is free to consider and decide.

Read this book and receive a new humble heart and a new indwelling Spirit to overcome ongoing temptations!