The manuscript was finished, and now what to do with it?

We started calculating different options like:

Printing the Study Guide here at home on our printer, or
Photocopying it at the local paper place, or
Printing it at the nearest printer!

Well, the manuscript had 72 pages and we needed at least 8 copies for our study group, so printing it here at home would have been way to costly. The same applied to photocopying.

With that in mind we arrived at our last option: PRINTING!

We talked to our local printer and it seemed reasonable to go with that option. However, after talking with friends  and some additional research we came across WestBow Press!

WestBow Press is a division of Thomas Nelson & Zondervan, and they offer supported self-publishing packages and services for Christian authors. We looked at their packages, and talked to them to find out if we would be a good match.

We learned from their website
that other authors had managed to land a book deal with either Thomas Nelson or Zondervan after self-publishing their book with WestBow Press.

Our sincere Thank You’s to the representatives at WestBow Press who have made this adventure a tremendously positive experience. Their attention to detail is extraordinary, they are professional in handling every matter, and are always kind, patient, and friendly. We are very thankful for their expertise in the field of publishing as well as marketing. See, they don’t just walk you through the publishing process but also offer assistance with the marketing of your final product.

Considering all this, we are hoping that, Lord willing, Thomas Nelson or Zondervan would like our finished product and offer to pick it up, too. That would be a dream come true!

The Best Gift of All

We are so blessed to have the best gift of all
We are so blessed to have heard… His gentle call.

What more could I ask for as a gift
After the many years of the way I lived?

Now, with a new heart, I live a new way
My heart will never ever see decay.

Getting the Manuscript Publisher Ready!
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