When will the Second Coming of Christ happen?

The First Coming of Christ—sometimes referred to the First Advent—was when that which [was] conceived in [Mary was] of the Holy Spirit. (Matthew 1:20b). JESUS, being fully God and fully Man, was actually present here on this earth for thirty-three years.

Therefore, the Second Coming—or the Second Advent—will happen when the Lord Jesus returns and will actually be present here on this earth for the second time. This will happen at the end of the seven-year Tribulation Period—a time appointed by God to begin after the Rapture.

The Second Coming is not to be confused with the soon coming Rapture. The Rapture, defined, is not an advent; rather it is an event. Jesus Christ will rapidly transport—a violent but pleasing event—snatch away—take up into the air—all believers of His universal Church. In this “taking up” the Lord Jesus does not come back to this earth. Instead, He gathers all the believers of the Church Age (Pentecost to time of Rapture) in the air.

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What is the Millennial and who will reign during the Millennial?

The Millennial refers to the one thousand year reign of Jesus Christ with His Church. This will come soon after Christ’s Second Coming ending the war of Armageddon. So the Millennial will be between the end of the Tribulation Period and the Great White Throne Judgment. The Second Coming—not to be confused with the Rapture—will be the second time the Lord Jesus puts His feet on this earth. The reason the Rapture is not called His Second Coming is because He will come only as far as the atmosphere, and then He will take up and gather together the souls of His Church, both those who’ve died and are in heaven, and those who are alive on this earth. Their destination will be God’s kingdom—heaven. His Second Coming is recorded in Revelation 19:

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