Guest post by Christian Author Tammy Horvath

In 2017, my son was murdered and in the days and months that followed, I had to face the horror of losing my son and forgiving his killer.

Gone in an Instant is that story and I believe it will give hope to anyone who needs to forgive that person in their life who’s impossible to forgive. Could you forgive the man who murdered your son?

How Do You Forgive the One Person in Your Life Impossible to Forgive?

On August 2, 2017, a knock on Tammy Horvath’s front door shattered her world.

“Your son has been murdered,” a police officer said in a quiet voice. 

As she struggled through the horror of the following months, another Voice spoke. “Forgiveness is a choice and you must forgive him, Tammy.”

But How?

What Would You Do?

How Would You Find the Strength to Forgive the Killer and Have Faith After Loss?

In this deeply moving and ultimately triumphant Christian book about child loss, Tammy shares the story of how God revealed Himself in astounding ways and set her free in a manner she could never have imagined.

He can do the same for you. Gone in an Instant is for you, if

  • There’s a person you just can’t figure out how to forgive.
  • You forgive but slip back into unforgiveness.
  • You want to be free, once and for all, of all the things you haven’t forgiven yourself for.

You don’t need to be held down by the chains of unforgiveness any longer. Can you believe that? It’s true! You can absolutely be set free.

With insight, humor, and deep authenticity, Tammy will take you on a journey that will utterly change your life forever. You’ll find the self-help you need and the grief steps for faith after child loss.

This book is life changing. Check out Tammy’s website at: