Before I get into the “LAYOUT of our Study Guide” I would like to share some exciting news we received from our publisher regarding our book:


On January 21, 2019 we received this message:

“Congratulations! The production stage for your book is complete, and we are sending your files to the printer for set-up and distribution.”

Then today January 23rd we received the confirmation that it is ready and can be ordered online at,

WestBow Press:

and Barnes & Noble, (other online bookstores will be following soon)

If you prefer you may also order the Study Guide through your local bookstore or via email at

WOW! We are so excited to be able to make this resource available for an in depth Bible Study of the Book of Revelation, either in a Bible Study Group or for personal study!

Now, let me get back to the LAYOUT we chose for the Study Guide and why.

I own a Parallel Bible with four different versions (KJV, NKJV, NIV, NLT). Having all these different translations side by side helps me greatly in my studies. And sometimes Mike picks it up, too.

While putting together the Study Guide and brainstorming the best layout for it, we went back to the Parallel Bible idea several times. And in the end decided that it would be of advantage to have the Scriptures and the relevant Commentaries, as well as Reference Scriptures and their relevant Commentaries side by side. With this layout the student can follow each verse or sometimes several verses combined as well as the commentary and reference verses from the left column to the very right column across the open book without turning any pages.

Picture of the 4 columns - what the Study Guide looks like on the inside.

Another advantage is that the student doesn’t have to search the Bible back and forth for the reference verses, and in the end have lost their thought by the time they get there.

This way TIME can be used more effectively and the layout enhances the ease of understanding.

Ultimately the purpose of this study is to promote learning, discussion, and blessing.

Once finished, we had 72 pages of Study Guide and we would need at least 8 copies for our small study group! Plus there were a number of other friends and family who had expressed interest in a copy of the Study Guide.

We had arrived at the point where we had to deal with the question: “How do we produce all these copies in the most efficient and reasonable way?”


Confusing the futon with the fondue
was so very easy for me to do.
Eating the futon,
or was that the tonfon;
or was it sleeping in the fondue;
or was that the dufu?
What does a dufu do?
Is there a new dance called the Fudu?
Any fuddy duddy
could chew on nutty putty,
but it takes a special one
to find the street it’s on
and eat a full pot of futon.
Any way, when we finished the walk
or was that a run,
it really was a ton of fun
eating that… that Provence fondue,
and being there… with you two.

Photocopying? Printing? Binding it into a book? What would it be?
Check out our next Blog Post!